Paulino Bernabé Luthier

Strings designed and manufactured especially for guitars Paulino Bernabé, under the strictest quality controls, with technically advanced materials (Carbon), with the ideal tension (upper middle) and the best compromise between sound warm and bright, with optimum performance and durability for all current guitars.
Changing the strings

Change the strings one after the other to avoid lost of tension at the top side of the guitar.

Start with the first string. Rasp the top of the string a little bit and guide it through the bridge and swathe it 4 times on itself. After that, guide the other top of string through the tuners and swathe it 3 times on itself. Tense (tight) the string with the hand and start tuning the string with the tuners.

With the second string, rasp it too and turn it 4 times on the bridge and 2 times on the tuners.

With the third string, rasp it too and turn it 3 times on the bridge and 2 times on the tuners.

The fourth, fifth and sixth string, turn it 1 time on the bridge and 1 time on the tuners.

It's important to tense the strings with the hand before your tune it with the tuners. Thus, they will be stretched and less out of tune.